Living where we do, we always have issues with bunnies. They eat a wide range of our veggies and plant life, they wander around the place in broad daylight without a care in the world and continually dig holes. More recently those holes are being dug in the middle of my newly seeded grass field, which I can tell you isn’t going down ever so well around here. I do from time to time encourage them away and that has worked quite well, but I’m going to have to take some serious action after the near death experience I had this week. Well, maybe it wasn’t near death, but I could’ve done myself I real injury! We get some beautiful sunsets out here and this week was no different. On the day in question, I heard our daughter Naomi fly down the stairs and out the front door. That is normally the signal that there’s a nice sunset waiting to be photographed. Now because the sky changes so very quickly, I had to get a shift on and quickly grabbed my camera and followed her out the door. She always goes one way, through the trees behind the house, but I prefer to go through the vegetable patch beside the beck along the Oak tree line, where I get a wide open view across the fields. I started taking a few pictures and that’s when it all started to go down hill, literally. I know that in my haste I wasn’t really looking where I was putting my feet, but all of a sudden, just as I was focussing on the next pic, the earth started to move beneath my feet. It all happened in a matter of seconds as the earth gave way and I ended up knee deep in a hole. Now I know that to most people dropping as deep as my knees isn’t far at all, but for us little fellas it was a long way and in fact just for a moment I did feel like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ going down a rabbit hole, but I hadn’t chosen to. It shook me right up, well, actually it didn’t but after seeing my life pass before my eyes it has made me think more seriously about how I can control those ‘wabbits’.

This week we have been busy taking care of my grass. Not by cutting it, as I’m a few days early for that but by encouraging it to grow. I roped Wendy into dragging the harrow around the fields with the quad to liven things up and then I needed to get some tillage onto it all to encourage that growth I need. I had taken advice and 20.10.10. is what I needed which offers Nitrogen, Potash and Potassium to get things moving. Things didn’t start ever so well as I had ordered a 600kg bag of the stuff which duly arrived for delivery, but the problem was that I thought they would have the means to lift the very large and very heavy sack off the back of the wagon, but they didn’t. It took brute force once again to get it shifted, all 600kgs of it. With the assistance of the driver he and I just shoved the sack off the side of the truck and thankfully it didn’t split.

So, that was only the start of the fun, with another unsuspecting friend to help, we set about fertilising several acres with the stuff.  With a barrow, buckets and a couple of hours in between we got the job done, by hand.