This week I’ve been thinking about what we refer to as ‘Living the Dream’.


Late in the week, the heavens opened once again and as usual I was soaked to the skin, which really wasn’t a problem, it is only water! The thing is though, we had just found that our water tight barn roof wasn’t quite as tight as we thought and as a result the ceiling of our new Shop/Tearoom had been damaged. To add to the problem party, we found out that our power supply wasn’t sufficient to accommodate all that we were planning on doing around the farm, there was a further deluge forecast, which wasn’t great news for our planned bonfire party on Saturday evening and finally, I was told that I had well and truly missed the boat for getting my grass seed in before winter.


So, with all this happening around us, it got me thinking about this ‘Dream’. I’ve always had the view that dreams don’t just miraculously happen by themselves but it’s up to each of us to create the dream in the first place, then get out there and make it happen. So, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, with the help of others around us, we have set to and continued to make this dream a reality!


It’s all about attitude!

The barn roof is being sorted and will be water tight, by hook or by crook within days, I’m sure the 11 buckets of various sizes will cope until then. The necessary application has been sent to the power company to upgrade our power supply, so we will await news from them. The downpour which was forecast over the weekend, didn’t quite materialise and what a relief that was on Saturday afternoon as the sun burst through the clouds and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that my meticulously designed and planned bonfire could once again be torched later that evening.


Finally, my favourite part of the week. Recently, I was talking to my neighbour when I mentioned that we were hoping to get a field reseeded with grass soon, but I had no clue as to how I was going to accomplish this with any sort of proficiency. He went on to tell me about a handy contraption called the ‘Seed Fiddle’ which they used to use back in the old days. In fact, I’ve since found out that the gadget was first introduced around the 1850s, but thought nothing more about it. Anyway, I was talking to another farmer locally who was going to rotovate and harrow my field for me, when he again asked how I was going to seed the field. “By hand” I replied. “I have something which may help you out”, he said, “come around and you can borrow it”. I got myself around there sharpish and after getting his grandson up in the heavens, inside one of his sheds he fished out what he was talking about. Well, blow me down, there it was in front of me, a real life ‘Seed fiddle’, what were the chances of that happening.


I couldn’t contain my excitement and immediately after getting the field power harrowed, I was out there, with the seed fiddle under my arm, excitedly marching up and down that field. The jobs sorted and now I just have to wait to see the results in spring.


You see, we can all meander our way through life, focussing on the negative, but we all have it in our power to change things and make our own dream a reality!