I think that I’ve been irreversibly scarred this week. I get to see many sights doing what I do, but I had an experience this week which I’m sure will stay with me for a very long time.

Last Friday, I was just finishing my jobs,  when I noticed that the pigs could do with some more fresh water, so I once again unwound the hose and dragged it through the yard. (I will pipe water over here one day, it’s on my list!) I started topping up the trough when I could hear that clicking sound which instantly I recognised, it was the sound of something shorting out the electric fence around the pig enclosure. That’s when it happened, that’s when I was caught by surprise by the sight that beheld me. My eyes followed the clicking sound to my left where my gaze followed the wire for some distance until I noticed the obstacle which was causing the problem. I walked along the fence, so as to get a better view of the obstacle. As I got closer, that’s when I caught sight of the problem. There he was, strewn across the electric fence, looking like ‘Shughie McFee’ in the ‘Great Escape’, (remember, when he made a last ditch attempt to try and get over the barbed wire perimeter fence?) I hate to see animals die unnecessarily, but to end his life this way is just so sad. I’m sure that, as well as having nightmares reliving the experience, I’m sure that each time I come across a toad, I will once again be reminded!

I can’t believe how quickly the days are becoming shorter. It’s already beginning to get dark, well before nine o’clock. Alongside the days shortening, another sign that autumn is well on it’s way is the abundance of conkers on our chestnut trees. Before we know it, I won’t be able to stop myself from picking up a stick or two to bring down those prize winning conkers, ahead of any strong winds doing it for me. With 8 grand children, that’s a lot of conkers I need to collect, so I better get started sooner rather than later!

It was only yesterday that I said to Jeremy, “we’re going to have to clean your backside up in the morning!” Then this morning I set to work rounding up all the required bits I needed, roped in reinforcements and got on with the job. It was only literally seconds after flipping Jeremy onto his back, we came across more than we had bargained for. Jeremy had been caught by the blowflies. He hadn’t been caught bad and didn’t have too many maggots, but all the same it’s never nice to experience for either party, him or me. I cleaned him up and cut away the fleece around his rear. We got rid of all the maggots we could find, medicated the affected area and although they weren’t due to be sprayed again until mid September, we sprayed Jeremy and the rest of the flock too. Hopefully we’ve managed to nip it in the bud early enough and all he’s left with is baring his backside for a few weeks.

PS: It still continues to amaze me the distances that Yorkshire Post readers will travel to visit ‘The Ginger Cow’. It’s like Lawrence and Mary travelled all the way over here from Wakefield again this week and we are very pleased they did, but it’s a mighty long way for a cup of tea, but it must be worth it because they keep doing it.l